Fall Yard Cleanup | Leaves and Debris Removal

Fall is definitely spreading through Charlotte NC and many of us are starting to look at the leaves falling onto our yards, and feeling that reminder that we need to either rake or blow our leaves soon. With the new recycling system in place in Charlotte, where does that leave us with our yard waste removal?

In this Charlotte Lawn Care article, we want to look at what to do with all that yard waste that falls from the trees in fall! Schedule your fall yard cleanup today!

Yard Waste Removal in Charlotte

If you are lucky enough to live along the side of some woods or have another place to recycle or create your own compost in your yard, you are definitely one of the luck ones! For the rest of Charlotte NC residents however, they are faced with only a few choices:

According to the Char-Meck Recycle center website, follow the tips and guide below to have your yard waste picked up.

  • Brush should be no longer than 5 feet, separated into piles that are small enough for one individual to handle.
  • Grass clippings¬† must be placed in tied or untied plastic bags or placed in uncovered trash cans, should not weigh more than 75 pounds each and can be mixed with other yard waste such as leaves and trimmings.
  • Leaves must be placed in untied plastic bags for collection or placed in uncovered trash cans and DO NOT PUT ANY OTHER TRASH in the same container.

Enjoy the fall weather!

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