Fall is the Best Time for Lawn Aeration

core lawn aeration machineWith September right around the corner, folks in Charlotte should start thinking about lawn aeration for their yards! Fall is the best time of year to aerate lawns in the Southeast, since it gives the yard several months to develop strong roots before the next hot summer season.

If you are a DIY homeowner and prefer to do your own lawn aeration, follow these simple steps to get the most from your effort.

Lawn Aeration Tips for Charlotte Area Homeowners

Since we do live in the south and get all these pounding thunderstorms, the ground can be pretty hard to poke holes into! If you have a riding mower or lawn tractor, it may be a good idea to pick up a small core aerator of your own, and run it across your yard several times through the year, (3-4 times a year) in order to keep the ground softer and allow the rainwater to get deep into your soil.

If you prefer to do your yard aeration only once or twice a year, follow these tips:

  • Water Your Yard for a few hours, 2-3 days in a row before the yard aeration! This will soften the surface and allow the core machine to get deeper!
  • Cut your lawn short the day before the lawn aeration! This will make it easier for the core machine to get to the soil level, and if you over-seed & fertilize at the same time, give you more time between cutting.
  • Use a core aerator! The spike aerators do help, but are not nearly as good as a core aerator.
  • Over-seed and Fertilize immediately after you aerate the yard!
  • Water the yard in the early morning hours every day for 2 weeks after over-seeding!
  • Avoid walking or driving on the overseeded lawn for 3-5 days after the core aeration.

Lawn Aeration Services

If you prefer to have a local company come out and aerate your yard, we are happy to help with that as well! Visit our lawn aeration page for more info.

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